#14 Stop if you can

What do you do when a traffic light changes to yellow?
This video (from the Otago Daily Times) shows some drivers really struggling with this:

"A yellow signal means stop, unless you are so close to the intersection that you can't stop safely."

Here are a few thoughts that might help people who regularly get 'caught out' by yellow lights. Please share :-)

Slow down, always be prepared to stop at busy intersections

'Sneaking' through
Waiting in a queue for more than a light cycle or two doesn't mean you get to just 'sneak through' the next red light!

'Squeaking' through
'Piggybacking' the car in front of you to get through the yellow light 'together' (ie tailgating) is a bad, bad idea! If they decide to stop after all, you'll run up the back of them

Give driving your full attention, so you don't panic and 'gun it' through the yellow, or drift through a red light unaware

Look ahead
Give yourself more time to stop

Buckle up, buttercups, and stop if you can!