#20 Always check your mirrors

Do you ALWAYS check your mirrors?

They're not just for parking or checking for parsley in your teeth! Here are the TOP 3 times they could really be a lifesaver:

#20 Always check your mirrors

1. Before you OPEN your door in traffic
- Especially good for seeing cyclists. Also useful for checking that you / your passengers can get out of the car safely. (When larger vehicles aren't squeezing by for example.)

2. When you have to STOP suddenly
- Check your mirrors as you stop for any drivers following closely or not slowing enough behind you. They may not have noticed that you've had to brake suddenly. You might be able to adjust your braking and road position to give them (and you!) some more room.

3. BEFORE overtaking
- Often your focus is on what's happening in front of you, especially the car or truck you're about to pass, but it always pays to check that another driver isn't about to or already overtaking you.

Buckle up, buttercups, and always check your mirrors :-)