#30 Stop and rest

Buckle up, buttercups!

Have you seen this road sign?

"Feeling tired? Stop and rest, it's that simple"

Is it REALLY that simple?!

#30 Stop and rest

When life is full and busy, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to stop and rest!

* You can't wait to get home to get things done
* It took longer to get away than you thought and now you're running late for the ferry / plane
* You have children or other people to run around
* You want to get there and back in a day to save costs / time away
* There are people who can't wait to see you at your destination
* You're almost home anyway

There are LOADS more things that make us want to keep driving when we're exhausted or sleepy.

IMPORTANT things to remember:

* Falling asleep at the wheel can happen any time of the day. It doesn’t always happen at night or early in the morning – it might be after a big lunch – driving into the setting sun and you’re just feeling so warm and cosy and sleepy and..... you get the idea.
* Fatigue accidents are violent - there's no braking or swerving before the sleepy car connects with an oncoming vehicle, culvert or bridge end

* Be VERY wary if your passenger has nodded off - sleeping passengers can make it much easier

* Driving tired can impair your reaction times as much as driving drunk

Many of us would NEVER drive drunk, but chances are, we've driven tired many times. (Maybe because there's no breathalyser / test for driving tired it doesn't seem as dangerous?)

A couple of posts back, I might have said the most important safety equipment in a car is an alert, aware and competent driver.

So if you're feeling tired, frazzled or sleepy, this could be the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU EVER DO:
Pull over somewhere safe and have a power nap. Your body needs rest. And although open windows, caffeinated drinks and singing music loudly may give you a quick fix – you are going to need to rest.

MAKE it that simple.

Buckle up, buttercups! And stop and rest :-)


PS - Please share my Buckle Up Buttercup tips! The more we talk about road safety and what we can do to keep ourselves and others safe – the safer our roads will be. Things that might be obvious to you might still be unknown to your friends or family.