#38 What's on your feet?

Buckle up, buttercups! With Summer on its way (we had a sample in Dunedin this week!) and party season gearing up, it's time for high heels, sandals and jandals. Not ideal for driving!

#38 What's on your feet?

Unless you're lucky enough to have your Christmas get-together at Highlands motorsport park, sensible driving shoes might be the last thing on your mind this Summer. 

Thankfully, being the sober driver, doesn't have to mean sober shoes!

* Just keep a pair of flat, covered, 'driving' shoes, with a non-slip sole, in your car to slip on before you drive

OR, if you need to:

* Drive with bare feet 
- back in the day, Kiwi racer Denny Hulme was known to race in bare feet to have better feel with the car. Thankfully we have awesome modern racing boots now like my Vortex Racewear Superlite ones! 

And keep your gorgeous heels, slippy-soled shoes or sandals well away from the pedals in a safe place in the back of the car, or in the passenger area. The same goes for when you kick off your jandals.

1. Driving in jandals or fancy shoes does nothing for your footwork...
- getting caught up, slipping or making you work the pedals at weird angles

2. ...Or for your footwear, which can get damaged or worn by the pedals.

Buckle up, buttercups! And check your feet before you drive :-)


PS - Thanks very much for your tips and suggestions for future blog posts. Thank you to Andrew for suggesting this one (y)