#4 Keep your eyes on the move

Ok, you might look guilty or shifty if you did this the whole time, in a restaurant or sitting on your couch at home, but it’s one of the best things you can do while you’re driving:


·     Look as far up the road as you can, then scan closer in front of you

·     Keep those eyes moving!

·     Scan the road ahead, side roads, footpaths, intersections

·     Keep checking your mirrors

·     Your eyes shouldn’t stop moving: Road – Mirrors – Road – Mirrors, constantly


Why? Because you’re travelling at speed, in a heavy object that takes time to stop or swerve suddenly. That’s once you’ve realized, of course, that you need to stop or swerve.


How often have you heard this? :


"I just didn’t see him!”
"She came out of nowhere!”

"They haven’t seen me YET!”


Seeing and noting a hazard earlier gives you more time to slow down and take evasive action, before it’s too late.


Actively scanning, when done properly, automatically makes you slow down in built up areas.


You’re anticipating all kinds of hazards:


·     kids running onto the road

·     buses pulling out from stops

·     red-light runners

·     cyclists needing room

·     pedestrians not looking where they’re walking

·     cars reversing from parks or driveways

·     slippery surfaces…


…basically you’re expecting the worst. And you’re much better prepared to react.

You’re kind of like the Terminator with that screen constantly scanning and identifying everything… kind of.. 


In humans all that scanning takes up a lot of brain capacity. That’s why driving needs all our attention, why visibility is so important and why doing things like texting while driving are sooo dodgy.



Buckle up, buttercups, look ahead and keep those eyes on the move! :-)