#16 Check your way is clear

Do you ALWAYS look left and right when pulling out?

This habit might seem basic and you probably THINK you do this already, but please double-check to make sure you REALLY do this next time you pull out from an intersection, change lanes, or merge with traffic.

#16 Check the way is clear

  • When turning left at intersections/from driveways:
    Look right AND left to make sure you're not about to turn into an overtaking vehicle

  • When changing lanes or merging:
    Check the car in front of you hasn't stopped unexpectedly.
    This was the first road accident I experienced (Mum's car got rear ended by someone behind us looking to change lanes, not realising their current lane had stopped)

Sometimes we think we ALWAYS do these things, but it's so easy to forget, especially if you're in a hurry or thinking about something else. (It's so easy to slip out of good driving habits without even realising it!)

The consequences, particularly of turning into the path of an overtaking car, can be catastrophic, so it's definitely worth thinking about and reminding other drivers in your family about it too.

Buckle up, buttercups! And always check your way is clear,