#7 Keep your wheels straight

This tip is really important when waiting to turn in traffic. The video below shows you why.

Warning: The driver in the video isn't injured, but it can still be disturbing to watch any accident like this :-(

Please also note: The video is not from a New Zealand dashcam. The car is left hand drive, driving on the right hand side of the road. It is otherwise a perfect example of today's TIP:

KEEP YOUR WHEELS POINTING STRAIGHT AHEAD when waiting to turn in the middle of flowing traffic

* If your car is rear-ended, and your wheels are already turned towards the right (in NZ / Australia etc), you can get pushed into on-coming traffic and even a head-on collision.

* Try to keep your wheels straight before turning left as well, particularly if there are pedestrians crossing near you.

This is another situation where you might well be in the right (being rear-ended is most often the fault of a driver behind you), but your actions could help to avoid a much more serious accident.

It's a simple driving habit that could make such a big difference - please try it if you don't already, and share this tip with friends and family.

Buckle up, buttercups! And keep your wheels straight before you turn :-)