Intro: What's up Buttercup?

Why call the blog "Buckle Up Buttercup"?

  • Buckle up as in toughen up and think about what we're doing on the road (because it's not always pretty).
  • Some of these thoughts are challenging, like a rough road, you'll need to tighten your seatbelt.
  • Buttercups are fragile, which we all are on the road.

I also prefer "driving responsibly" to "safely" because it puts the reader in the driver's seat. You don't always have control over safety, given the randomness of the universe, and "road safety" always seems to apply to other people, never to yourself… until it does.

Responsibility on the other hand is something to own and control.

Why dedicate your blog to Road Safety and driving responsibly?

  • My family has a long history in the car industry.
  • As well as owning and managing the Suzuki car dealership in Dunedin, I run and drive for my own rally team in New Zealand and overseas.
  • I work as a driver trainer for corporate training days.
  • I've ridden horses on the road, driven trucks and towed all sorts of trailers from a young age. I still enjoy riding motorcycles when I get the chance.
  • I've done a lot of miles in a variety of vehicles, learned a lot and I'm still learning.

When I first got my licence I felt bullet proof. It was only after my first accident during a rally that I realised how wrong I was. How fragile we are in cars.

I love cars and bikes, and I'm passionate about driving. With the heartbreaking injuries and fatalities happening every day on New Zealand roads, I'm also passionate about road safety.

This blog is for me to share some tips and experience, and spark some thought and discussion around using roads responsibly.

It is my hope that we can become better, more thoughtful drivers, in a way that can make a difference.

Are you up for the challenge? Better buckle up.